Athletes Caught Cheating Live On TV

Cheating happens in professional sports more than we’d like to admit, and with cameras everywhere, it’s hard for athletes to get away scot-free.

Whether they’ve escaped official punishment or were ejected from the game, the following players were all caught ignoring the rules on live TV.

Sammy Sosa’s name will always be linked with Major League Baseball’s steroid era, both because of his famous single-season home-run record chase with fellow slugger Mark

McGwire and because he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.

The perception exists that everybody did it back in Sosa’s day, and the sport’s culture during the 1990s and early 2000s resulted in pitchers and hitters alike believing they had to use whatever possible to keep up.

And Sosa wasn’t just using performance-enhancing drugs.

During the 2003 season, he was caught breaking a direct MLB rule after his bat shattered into multiple pieces during what otherwise would’ve been a routine groundout.

Umpires quickly confiscated portions of his bat and determined that it had been corked.

The umpire crew chief tossed Sosa for his crime, and MLB officials handed him an eight-game suspension that was later reduced to seven following an appeal.

Sosa bulking up his muscles with the help of consuming something other than spinach was one thing.

But swinging a corked bat is completely different, and some will always wonder how often he used one while blasting home runs over the wall. With 42 seconds remaining in the November 3, 2013 game between the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo dropped back and delivered a touchdown pass to receiver Dwayne Harris, and the Cowboys held on for a 27-23 victory.

However, the top highlight from that fall day was a humorous moment involving Romo trying to cheat his way into a first down. With the Cowboys leading 20-17 halfway through the third quarter, Dallas came up shy of earning a first down.

Romo didn’t accept that result even before the chain gang ran onto the field for a measurement, so he gently tapped the ball forward with his foot as referees were distracted by other players.

It’s going to be very- Tony Romo gave it a little foot wedge there.”

It’s fourth down

Referees and Minnesota players saw Romo’s new ball placement, and the Cowboys were forced to punt after a three-and-out.

Still, it was worth a shot.

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Trying to move the ball forward after the play is much safer and easier on the body than attempting a quarterback sneak into the offensive line on fourth down.

Throughout his physical prime, LeBron James has been a top-tier athlete who often looked more like an NFL tight end than a basketball guard.

He’s never been the NBA’s biggest player, but knocking him away from the basketball has always been quite the challenge. Few, if any, of his opponents can easily knock

him to the floor, a fact that individuals working within the league’s front office are aware of With that in mind, in the fourth quarter of Game 4 of the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals.

James and Indiana Pacers forward David West were fined for their roles in a pair of flops on the same play.

James attempted some sort of spin move before he dropped to the ground for reasons that

defied gravity and physics, while West also exaggerated his response to minimal contact.

Neither man obtained any real advantage from their theatrics.

They merely lost $5,000 apiece for their efforts. It should come as no surprise to learn that

such a minimal financial penalty hasn’t prevented James from embellishing again since then.

The 1993 Stanley Cup Finals began with the Los Angeles Kings defeating the Montreal Canadiens to win Game 1 on the road.

Then in Game 2, the Kings held a 2-1 advantage with under two minutes to play when the Montreal bench called for the refs to inspect the stick

belonging to L.A. defenseman Marty McSorley.

Montreal claimed that the stick’s curve was beyond what the NHL allowed at the time.

As TV cameras zoomed in to the official measurement, everyone could see McSorley was guilty of using an illegal stick.And McSorley is crushed.”

The officials sent McSorley to the penalty box, the Canadiens scored on the resulting

power play to send the game into overtime, and then they won the game and the next three straight contests on their way to hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Joe Niekro was pitching for the Minnesota Twins in an August 1987 game against the California Angels when the home plate umpire asked for

Niekro to return a baseball toward home plate.

The umpiring crew then requested to inspect the pitcher’s glove and for him to empty anything in his pocket Niekro eventually reached into his back right pocket and attempted to toss an emery board onto the field unnoticed.

The umpires did notice, though, and they awarded Niekro with an early trip to the showers.

In the wake of the incident, Major League Baseball suspended Niekro for ten games after

he tried to explain that he used the board and sandpaper to file his nails between innings.

In light of that excuse, we recommend thar pitchers get midweek manicures on their days off.

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