Best Tourists Destinations To Travel Post Pandemic.

It seemed to travel when the pandemic relents whenever that may be but wary of crowds you’ve got you covered welcome to MojoTravels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten under tourism destinations for your first post pandemic trip are you a fan of our videos be sure to travels and compelling countries and regions around

The world that have much to offer in terms of culture scenery and history but

which remain relatively unexplored by the average traveler the travel industry

is going to need support after the hit it’s taken in 2020 but people are understandably hesitant to visit major destinations known to be overcrowded these alternative trips satisfy both needs at once just be sure to always do your research and check all travel advisories number 10 Georgia while the US state is well worth a visit we’re actually talking about the country that straddles Eastern Europe and Western

Asia Georgians are known for their warm hospitality the country has a distinct cuisine and food culture no trip is complete without partaking in a Supra traditional Georgian feast it’s also considered to be the nation with the longest history of winemaking with production dating back 8,000 years the nation is home to thousands of mineral springs and because of its position on the historic Silk Road paired with its rich local history Georgia is a treasure trove of monuments and sites and we haven’t even gotten into the architecture or breathtaking landscape Georgia would rank high on our list if not for the fact that it is beginning to attract more international attention it’s still off the beaten path but not for long especially the beautiful and vibrant capital city of Tbilisi so make it a priority number 9 the Republic of the Congo looking to immerse yourself in a natural environment after having spent so much time cooped up inside why not indulge that desire to the extreme with

an all-out wilderness adventure Congo can actually refer to two distinct countries the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo to its west both are worth visiting given the untarnished natural beauty of the region and the ample opportunity to see wildlife unfortunately due to instability in the DRC travel isn’trecommended its neighbor to

The west however is because relatively safe and with so few tourists annually you’ll often feel as if you have the place to yourself between ethical Wildlife safaris and luxury eco

resorts you can really have it all comfort and an escape from the city that being said the country’s capital Brazzaville is well worth a visit this breathtaking city has rightfully been dubbed the Paris of Africa number eight Slovenia from its capital Ljubljana in the second city of Maribor to the port of koper and the many towns and villages that dot the country Slovenia feels wonderfully unchanged by tourism and it’s genuine wonder as to why given that

this nation has a little bit of  everything to offer international

Travelers Ljubljana stuns with its baroque and Vienna secession

architecture in 2012 Maddy Bowen was given the honor of being named a European Capital of Culture which it more than earns with its timeless charms world-class cuisine and namesake castle beyond the cities in the country’s northeast natural wonders beg to be

explored including three Glau national park lake bled the Sochi Valley and the

Julian Alps best of all Slovenia’s approach to its growing tourism industry

is considered to be among the world’s most sustainable making this a guilt-free trip number seven the Andaman Islands located off the coast of India and considered a Union Territory

The Andaman Islands are a slice of unspoiled South Asian paradise sitting in the bay

of bengal the Andaman Islands are notably sparse in terms of population this is especially notable considering how densely populated mainland India is known to be a number of the islands are off-limits to visitors instead being preserved for the insular indigenous

tribes who inhabit them those that are accessible to foreigners however offer

the sort of Beach vacation that many might not have thought still possible in

our modern age pristine white sandy beaches lush forests and an abundance of

sea life coupled with limited development makes the Andaman Islands feel like your own

private getaway the accommodations while limited know how to pamper their guests

The only real issue you might never want to leave number 6 pictured rocks

national lakeshore United States when you think of escaping the crowds and

disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of life chances are that Michigan isn’t

The first destination that comes mind due to its industrial history in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan however we see a very different side of the state America’s great wilderness and

natural beauty and nowhere is the splendor more inspiring than along

pictured rocks national lakeshore covering 42 miles of shore and 114 square miles of land this park is named for its towering sandstone cliffs countless years of erosion have shaped

them into shallow caves and various eye catching natural formations add to that the Sand Dunes waterfalls and ample opportunity for outdoor activities and pictured rocks national lakeshore becomes the perfect off the radar American holiday number five Naxos grease the appeal of the Greek islands is undeniable these shining gems in the Mediterranean attract crowds with their breathtaking shorelines and the promise of rest relaxation and beautiful

weather unfortunately many of these islands have been fundamentally changed

by their own popularity the paradise on earth once promised by Santorini and

Mykonos has been somewhat tarnished by the droves of tourists that crowd these now world-famous islands for a trip back in time to the glory days of the Greek

islands consider a trip to noxus whichis located between the two after mentioned destinations picture-perfect clusters of whitewashed homes breathtaking sunsets historic ruins fishing villages family restaurants dishing up mouth-watering plates of fresh seafood sandy beaches Naxos has got it all and for the time being it remains entirely absent from your typical tourist itinerary this in the Cyclades as they were meant to be experienced number four.



 Trust us when we say that this spot in the Himalayas is unlike any

other place on earth far from the most crowded cities this largely undiscovered region of Kashmir which remains a disputed territory between India and Pakistan so be sure to check for any travel advisories is a land of mountains breathtaking views big sky and rustic natural beauty at an average elevation of 11,500 feet scenic vistas tend to be

The rule rather than the exception it’shome to a population of just about

275,000 people and the number of annualtourists is similar within the region

one finds no fewer than 35 buddhist monasteries which are among the most

popular attractions Jacque is firmly rooted in traditions history and local culture authenticity needn’t be sought out it’s everywhere you turn and to help preserve both the natural beauty and cultural integrity of ladakh eco and sustainable tourism is being championed number.

Three mongolia take a survey of the top ten places people want to visit it’s a pretty safe bet that Mongolia isn’t gonna come up but travelers don’t know what they’re missing in this over documented over hared and increasingly small world of ours a sense of adventure can be hard to come by a view unobstructed by signs of human activity even more so in Mongolia however they’ve hardly made a mark on it the largest city will an bata is home to only about a million and a half people and a substantial portion of the nation’s residents continue to practice  the traditional nomadic lifestyle


is rugged mountain peaks abundant wildlife and seemingly endless Plains can feel downright surreal but for those who seek space to explore and reflect you can’t ask for a better setting that being said LaLanne batad still offers all the modern comforts and concentrated culture one expects from an urban center number two trentino-alto adige suit it all despite it’s unbelievably horrific 2020 Italy will eventually remain among the most popular

tourist destinations in all of Europe Rome Venice Florence the Amalfi Coast Tuscany such cities and regions require no introduction but travel to the north eastern extremity of its borders and you’ll feel as if you crossed into an entirely different country and in a

certain sense you have the autonomous region of trentino-alto Adige suit tito is historically austro-bavarian but was annexed by italy in 1919.

The French Swiss and Austrian Alps are well trodden territory with price tags to match the Italian apps and Dolomites remain far less traveled they are a tourist destination true but really only with locals and neighboring nations here Italian and Bavarian culture blends together in fascinating ways set to the backdrop of absolutely jaw-dropping mountains hiking skiing spas local wines and beers and a highly regional cuisine this region of Italy needs to be experienced to be understood number one.

Papua New Guinea

Average this country receives only about 200,000 visitors per year being the

world’s third largest island country and Considering all it has to offer

that is a shockingly low figure but we’re not complaining rather than being inundated with visitors like one might expect Papua New Guinea is a land of unspoiled – lush

Greenery colorful wildlife and unparalleled opportunities for trekking and outdoor adventure as if that’s not enough the island surrounding waters offer some of the world’s best diving with an abundance of shipwrecks coral sea life and more surfing is another popular activity that like all of the above benefits from the lack of crowds one of the most culturally diverse nations on earth with 851 known languages it’s truly an inspiring destination in every sense of the word whether you’re looking to brave the jungle or simply kick back at an eco

resort Papua New Guinea is the perfect choice do you agree with our picks check.

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