How to Solve Wi-Fi Connection Problem on Your Android

As more people adopt the use of Wi-Fi, knowing how to fix problems arising is vital. If you are a Wi-Fi user, you might experience issues such as the network disconnecting on its own and a lot more. Fortunately, you will find solutions to repair your connection issues on the internet. Here is the way to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection issues.

How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection issues
1.Check your connection settings
Checking your link setting ought to be the very first thing to do if you find it difficult to link with Wi-Fi. To check whether your Wi-Fi is active or not, pull down the telling bar and check the Wi-Fi icon’s status. Moreover, you can go to the Setting icon, tap Wireless and Networks, and check whether the Wi-Fi icon is on.

Another basic thing to check is the Airplane manner. When Airplane mode is busy, it simplifies all of the internet connections. Check whether the Airplane mode is active by pulling the telling bar of your mobile phone.

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2. It is also possible to check your own Android device’s IP address to see if it matches with the router.

Check the title of your own router and verify the password.
You might experience connection problems if you link into the wrong network. The problem usually occurs if your neighbors use the same ISP as yours. Always ensure you check the title of your network located at the base of your router. To prevent similar network names, prevent renaming your ISP unit.

When there’s no problem with ISP similarity, another thing to check is your router’s password. Most routers have a generic password on a small decal. Confirm the password and check if it solves your connection problems.

It is also possible to check your own Android device’s IP address to see if it matches with the router.

Harness the setting icon and go to the networks and wireless
Scroll down and flip the Wi-Fi
Connect your device to the router.
Check the router’s SSID name and be sure it is identical to the one on your own device.
Connect and tap on the Wi-Fi network icon to check that the IP address.
If both SSID amounts are matching, try other ways of fixing the problem.

  1. Reboot or reset the router along with your Smartphone
    If your router was active for quite a while, there are opportunities it has turned off its visibility. It is possible to re-activate the router by restarting it.

If it fails to connect, you can reset the router by pressing on the designated key in your router. Remember that you’ll have to re-enter the initial password if you decide to restart the router.

From time to time, rebooting your device can solve various problems, including network problems. To reset your android phone on safe manner, follow these steps;

Long-press that the Power button. A power button will appear, tap it off, and wait for a few minutes to ensure your phone is completely off. Ensure that you hold both volume buttons at precisely the same time.
The word Safe Mode will look as your telephone heaps.
Your phone will soon be open in safe mode. Try connecting Wi-Fi to see if it works.
Resetting your device will only require under a minute, and it will turn on again.

  1. Connect and then disconnect Wi-Fi
    You may fix minor issues by disconnecting and later reconnect the Wi-Fi. To disconnect and reconnect, Visit the Setting icon; tap on the Network and Internet icon. Later, scroll down, and select the Wi-Fi icon, and then turn it off. After a while, follow the exact same process and flip it to see whether it works.

Connect Wi-Fi with another device
Sometimes, there are opportunities that the issue could be coming from your cell phone. To learn if the router is the offender or not, it is possible to connect it to another telephone. Find another android apparatus and connect it to your router. If you try using other devices and can’t join, your router is your problem.

Check security settings
In case the router and the apparatus can not exchange traffic, check the security settings. Compare the security setting of the router and device and try to match them by configuring them.

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To reconfigure, Visit Settingand tap on the Network and Internet
Harness the system’s name and then exploit on the Forget
To reset the security parameter networks, insert the title of your preferred Wi-Fi network.
For listed networks, android apparatus will detect the parameter that matches your router.
Be careful when adding a network since the router can conserve the wrong safety names.

To reset;

Tap the Setting menu
Scroll down till you find a System
Harness the System icon and tap the innovative
Click on the Reset Phone choice to reset. Some android apparatus will require you to enter your PIN.
Harness the Erase Everything
when your phone completes the procedure, restart your device.
Join the Wi-Fi and then check whether it is working.
If all of the given solutions don’t work, your device’s hardware might be the issue. To know if it’s your router or android device which has a problem, use another device to connect to the router. If the system fails to join, your router could be the offender. Visit an Expert to fix the problem. If the router is connecting to other android apparatus but fails to connect to yours, get it repaired.

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