Xbox Series X Review

Who is the console for and how can it stand up against the rival? We try to answer all these questions and much more in our review.

The gambling market is an upward-facing chart in India today and companies like Microsoft are trying to create the best of it. It’s the latest and greatest Microsoft must offer to players right now, something which goes up against Sony’s PlayStation 5. Priced at $49,990, the Series X is strong in terms of specs but has a way distinct layout this moment, which might or might not be adored by all.

However, with Xbox Series X solving significant grievances that players had earlier and also being a future-proof console in precisely the same time, has Microsoft was able to make it worth the investment?


We did receive a design update from Xbox 360 to Xbox One plus it looked like a natural progression. But, Xbox Series X is far different and far from being a pure refinement in regards to looks. It may come across as a’boring’ bit of hardware specially once you compare it with the PS5, but some might just like the stealth and simple look. Unlike the PS5, it can blend in well with your home furniture.

Sporting a flat cuboid shape with no RGBs or double colour tones like what you get in rival PlayStation 5, Series X has to reveal what’s on the inside than the outside. Luckily, it’s not quite as tall as PS5 when standing , so putting it under your TV screens is also not a problem. The monolith, matte black design takes the air from the buttocks and throws the hot air from the top. So be sure that you have some room in the bottom and at the top for good ventilation.

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New Xbox Wireless Controller includes a nicer design and is priced at $5,890.
The front, which is facing the audience most of the time, is also minimal as the vast majority of the vents are at the back. The front has a power button, a USB 3.2 interface along with a 4K Blu-ray drive. What’s impressive is that there’s barely any fan noise while playing games.


As for the connectivity, Series X boasts of three USB Type-A jack, Ethernet port and HDMI port.

Today, that sounds like a great deal of electricity and really it is. Among the means by which you can observe efficient use of electricity is in the Quick Resume feature. It’s also probably among the most striking features of Series X. We tried this with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and it only works! At no time it stutters and somewhere shows the ability and efficiency of this hardware. Unfortunately, not all the games are supported by it.

That said, Playing AC Valhalla and Mortal Kombat 11 was bliss and what worked as easily as it could. From graphics to smooth transitions between distinct views and mid-fight animations once you make combo moves, are fairly clear and a treat for your eyes when you have a 4K QLED or OLED TV. In AC Valhalla, switching between the land and aerial moves, quickly traveling, and loading of a checkpoint has been quick. Since the Series X also has variable refresh rate support, screen tearing is not a problem.

Xbox Series X UI.

The old ones will, however, connect to the cloud and download your stored data. You can even go to your Game Pass, which gives access to over 100 names simply by asking you to pay $825.

If you are coming from Xbox One, you’ll find the UI from Series X fresh and piled neatly into menus and folders. This makes it a lot easier to navigate and get a better grip on multiple windows, which has been somewhat hard to manage before. The new UI also brings more attention on matches that this moment, instead of pushing Xbox as a centralised networking hub. It’s merely better, more organised and customisable with fresh profile themes.

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The wireless Xbox Controller is definitely better this time however only concerning functionality and the way that it enables you to manage the navigation and moves within a game. The looks are nearly like the one that comes with Xbox One. For first time buyers, there will not be no problem but for somebody coming from Xbox One, the new control has more grip and is a bit more comfy to hold. Textures on activates and bumpers are a plus point this time and so is the share button that lets you capture screenshots and gameplay videos while playing a match.

But on the brighter side, It’s possible to utilize both Xbox One control and Elite controller using the Series X.


In case you are tight on budget, are a first time Xbox consumer, nevertheless need an Xbox experience and can compromise on power a tad bit, Microsoft is supplying its Xbox collection S at $34,990. The Series X still has more media features over PS5 however, the latter has its strong gaming library, better controller with flexible triggers and a brand-new layout that is indeed a head-turner.

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